Would you like to QUICKLY test the API?

Then directly go to "Quick start "

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To use MySocialApp you will need your own app. Each app works in an isolated environment

To begin, you have to:

1/ Request beta access

MSA Dashboard Sign UpMSA Dashboard Sign Up

MSA Dashboard Sign Up

Your First App

1/ Create your new app (10 seconds)

2/ Copy your app endpoint URL
e.g: https://u470584465854a728453-api.mysocialapp.io

3/ Wait for your instance to be online. You will receive an e-mail once it's good. (until 60 minutes)

MSA DashboardMSA Dashboard

MSA Dashboard


How long does it take to have my app?

It can take up to 60 minutes due to high demand


Still not having your app?

Your app may not be available after 60 minutes. Why? Because we are constantly receiving requests for new apps and we probably running out of space at the moment. The solution: send us an e-mail to tell us that you are really interested in testing MySocialApp. we can then unlock the situation.

What’s Next