API / SDK Introduction

Before you start

Testing API

An official testing API endpoint is available.
App ID: u470584465854a728453

Do not share sensitive information on this instance. In addition, the data is likely to be erased very regularly.

iOS and Android

iOS is compatible with Swift language.
Android is compatible with Java and Kotlin languages.

Official SDK and Frameworks

See the official supported SDK and Frameworks

Synchronous and Asynchronous call

Java, Swift, Kotlin expose synchronous and asynchronous (with Rx) method calls. Our convention is method starting with blocking is synchronous.

// Synchronous call to list comments from feed
Iterable<Comment> comments = feed.blockingListComments();

// Asynchronous call with Rx to get Comment observable
Observable<Comment> commentObservable = feed.listComments();
// Synchronous call to list comments from feed
let comments: [Comment] = try feed.blockingListComments()

// Asynchronous call with Rx to get Comment observable
let commentObservable: Observable<Comment> = feed.listComments()

Listing and Streaming call

Our SDKs make it possible to use methods making it possible to browse all the values of a collection in a very efficient way and as and when accesses elements. These methods can be used by replacing list with stream.

// News feed list call
int page = 0;
int size = 10;

// return the last 10 elements
Iterable<Feed> newsFeedList = session.blockingList(page, size);

// or 

// News feed stream call
int totalLastNewsFeed = 35;

// return the last 35 elements
Iterable<Feed> newsFeedStream = session.blockingStream(totalLastNewsFeed);
// News feed list call
let page: Int = 0
let size: Int = 10

// return the last 10 elements
let newsFeedList: [Feed] = try session.newsFeed.blockingList(page: page, size: size)

// or

// News feed stream call
let totalLastNewsFeed: Int = 35

// return the last 35 elements
let newsFeedStream: [Feed] = try session.newsFeed.blockingStream(limit: totalLastNewsFeed)

Available Features 📘




Token authentication

Account / Profile

Manage your own profile

News Feed / Activity Stream

News feed / activity streams and detailed possibilities


Different content types available for News Feed, Private Message, Comment and text based content


User entity representation


Manage friends and friend requests

Photo / Photo Album

Photo management


Organize your events geolocalised very simply


Chat with other people by topic

Private Messaging

Chat in real time with other people


Search and detailed possibilities


Notification and detailed possibilities

Receiving Notification Event

Downstream notifications through WebSocket, Apple Push (APNs) and Android Push (FCM)